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The atoms we usually think of are made of electrons and a nucleus, which consists of protons and neutrons. But there are many other particles; we don't have to limit ourselfs to electrons, protons, and neutrons to make atoms. The atom which contains any particle(s) other than electrons, protons, neutrons are called "exotic atoms". One example is antihydrogen, which is made of antiproton (antiparticle of proton) and positron (antiparticle of electron). Another example is muonium atom, where positive muon replaces the proton (nucleus) of hydrogen atoms. We use these exotic atoms to investigate fundamental nature of the universe.

Search of CPT violation using antihydrogen
Precise spectrosopy of hyperfine splitting of muonium atoms (in progress)
Study of chemical reaction using muonium atom as an analog of hydrogen atom (in progress)

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