About us

The Atomic Spectroscopy And Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons (ASACUSA) collaboration consists of 3 unique experiments to study antimatter at the Antiproton Decellerator in CERN

  1. Antihydrogen ground-state hyperfine splitting measurement, for testing the CPT symmetry: CUSP experiment
  2. Laser and microwave precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium atoms (i.e., antiproton+electron+helium nucleus) for testing the CPT (matter-antimatter) symmetry, and contributing to the fumdamental physical constants.
  3. Atomic collision processes inclusing ionisation of normal atoms/molecules and antiprotonic atom formation with extremely low energy antiprotons from the MUSASHI trap.
  4. In-flight antiproton annihilation cross section with nuclei at low energies.

This is the website for the CUSP experiment, that aims to measure the ground-state hyperfine splitting of antihydrogen.

For more information about the phyics case and the experiment setup click here.