Outstanding PRST-AB article in 2012

Our paper about the MUSASHI trap (an antiproton trap for the pruduction of ultraslow beams) has been selected as one of the outstanding Physical Review ST-Accel. Beams articles in 2012!

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An antimatter flow from the cusp trap

We have succeeded in producing antihydrogen beams for the first time. The results are published in an Open Access paper in Nature Communications.

Press releases:

Positron record

Image of the 70 million positrons extracted from the CUSP trap onto an MCP detector. A 10 fold improvement in positron intensity compared to the 2011 campaign. Positrons were also accumulated 10 times faster as compared to last years campaign. Both improvements lead to a higher antihydrogen production rate.

Antihydrogen creation!

Progress toward an Antihydrogen beam: Creation of antihydrogen and detection with the field ionization technique (Physics synopses)
Figure left : Counts from antihydrogen atoms at around t = 0 when we mixed antiprotons with positrons
Figure right : a case of without positrons

Press release: control of pbar cloud

Press release (in Japanese) "Control of antiproton cloud"

Towards new antihydrogen experiment

ASACUSA moves towards new antihydrogen experiment (CERN courier)

Record amount of antiprotons confined

New record! ASACUSA MUSASHI trap confined and cooled ca. 10,800,000 (10E7) antiprotons.


Start of slow antiproton science

The Start of Ultra Slow Antiproton Science: Successful Extraction of a Large Number of Ultra Slow Antiprotons! reported in Physical Review Focus particularly in The Most Antimatter.


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