Positron accumulation and manipulation for antihydrogen synthesis

TitlePositron accumulation and manipulation for antihydrogen synthesis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsImao, H, Michishio, K, Kanai, Y, Kuroda, N, Enomoto, Y, Higaki, H, Kira, K, Mohri, A, Tor, ii, HA, Nagata, Y, Kim, C, Matsuda, Y, Nagashima, Y, Yamazaki, Y
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series

Our group ASACUSA-MUSASHI has established an efficient way for accumulating antiprotons in the cusp trap, a combination of an anti-Helmholz superconducting coil and a multi-ring electrode trap. The last piece for synthesizing antihydrogens in the cusp trap is positron. We have developed a compact system to effectively accumulate positrons based on N 2 gas-buffer scheme with a specially designed high precision cylindrical multi-ring electrode trap. Millions of positrons were accumulated in the pre-accumulator just using polycrystalline tungsten moderators. The accumulated positrons were transported as a pulsed beam via three guiding coils and caught in the cusp trap under cryogenic and ultra high vacuum conditions without serious loss. Confinement of two kinds of numerous antiparticles, e.g., 10 8 positrons and 10 7 antiprotons, in the cusp trap becomes feasible.