Cold Antimatter and High Precision Physics (Pbar11)

Nov. 28-30, 2011, Kunibiki-Messe, Matsue, Shimane, JAPAN

Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center

Izumo Taisha shrine

Izumo Taisha shrine

Izumo Taisha shrine

Matsue Castle

Antimatter matters: Cold antihydrogen is the simplest form of antimatter which will allow us to study the fundamental properties of the universe such as the CPT symmetry and the gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter with extreme precision. Until recently it was quite difficult to handle antimatter, but the research field has developed enormously in the last couple of years, particularly with respect to basic techniques for manipulating antihydrogen as well as antiprotons and positrons which compose it. The field is now moving toward new steps such as high-precision spectroscopy of antihydrogen atoms, production of antihydrogen ions, and multiply-differential collision experiments. Thanks to the developments described above, the construction of the ELENA (Extra Low ENergy Antiproton) ring was approved by the CERN Council this year, and this also promises to lead to major advances in the field. Considering the circumstances above, we think now is the right time to organize a compact workshop where major potential players working on cold antimatter research and on high-precision science can gather together to discuss the present status and prospects for the near future. This workshop is part of a series of workshops held in the last several years such as Physics with Slow Antiproton Beams in 2005 and Cold Antimatter Plasmas and Application to Fundamental Physics (pbar08) in 2008.

  • Antihydrogen and Antimatter Physics
  • Fundamental Symmetries
  • Exotic Atoms and atomic collisions
  • Non-neutral plasma physics of antimatter
  • Antimatter in the Universe
  • Applications of Antiprotons

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