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* Talks etc. [#y2e27a0e]
- [[LEAP 2018:http://leap2018.lkb.upmc.fr/]], Paris, France
- [[EXA 2017:https://www.oeaw.ac.at/smi/talks-and-events/exa/exa-2017/]], Wien, Austria
- [[ICPEAC 2017:http://icpeac30.edu.au/]], Cairns, Australia
- [[LEAP 2016:http://leap2016.riken.jp/]], Kanazawa, Japan
- [[COOL 2015:https://www.jlab.org/conferences/cool15/]], Newport News, USA
- [[ICPEAC 2015:http://www.icpeac2015.com/]], Toledo, Spain
- [[POSMOL 2015:http://eventos.fct.unl.pt/posmol2015/home]], Lisbon, Portugal
- [[EGAS 2015:http://www.egas.lu.lv/]], Riga, Lithuania
- [[SSP 2015:http://ssp2015.triumf.ca/]], Victoria, Canada
- [[TCP 2014:http://indico2.riken.jp/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1395]], Takamatsu, Japan
- [[EXA 2014:http://www.oeaw.ac.at/smi/research/talks-events/exotic-atoms/exa-14/]], Wien, Austria
- [[ICAP 2014:http://icap2014.org/]], Washington, D.C., USA
- [[EGAS 2014:http://egas46.univ-lille1.fr/]], Lille, France
- [[FLAIR 2014:https://indico.gsi.de/conferenceOtherViews.py?view=standard&confId=2495]], Heidelberg, Germany
- [[ICPEAC 2013:http://icpeac2013.impcas.ac.cn/]], Lanzhou, China
- [[POSMOL 2013:http://www.rs.tus.ac.jp/posmol2013/]], Kanazawa, Japan
- [[ECAMP 2013:http://ecamp11.au.dk/]], Aarhus, Denmark
- [[COOL 2013:https://cool-13.web.cern.ch/cool-13/]], Muerren, Switzerland
- [[LEAP 2013:https://indico.gsi.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1890]], Uppsala, Sweden
- [[FUNTRAP:http://www.weizmann.ac.il/conferences/FUNTRAP12/circular]], Rehovot, Israel
- [[Cold Antimatter and High Precision Physics (Pbar11):http://radphys4.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/pbar11/]], Matsue, Japan
- [[PLASMA 2011:http://www.jspf.or.jp/PLASMA2011/eng/index.html]], Kanazawa, Japan
- [[FPUA 2011:http://xqw.hep.okayama-u.ac.jp/kakenhi/index.php/fpua2011_home/fpua2011_top_e/]], Okayama. Japan
- [[EXA 2011:http://www.oeaw.ac.at/smi/EXA/]], Wien, Austria
- [[ICPEAC 2011:http://www.qub.ac.uk/icpeac2011/index.html]], Belfast, UK
- [[POSMOL 2011:http://physics.nuim.ie/posmol2011]], Maynooth, Ireland
- [[ISIAC 2011:http://cimap.ensicaen.fr/isiac]], Caen, France
- [[LEAP 2011:http://leap2011.triumf.ca/]], Vancouver, Canada
- Cold Rydberg Gases and Ultracold Plasmas, 2010, Dresden, Germany
- Trapped charged particles and fundamental physics, 2010, Saariselkae, Finland
- [[ISIAC 2009:http://www.physics.odu.edu/isiac2009/]], Norfork, USA
- [[POSMOL 2009:http://sit.yorku.ca/posmol09/]], Toronto, Canada
- Cold atoms and molecues, 2009, Kyoto, Japan
- WE Heraeus Physics School: Atomic theory for fundamental interactions and simple systems in strong fields, 2009, Bonn, Germany
- [[EXA 2008:http://smimac0.smi.oeaw.ac.at/conference/exa08/index.html]], Wien, Austria
- [[LEAP 2008:http://smimac0.smi.oeaw.ac.at/conference/leap08/index.html]], Wien, Austria
- CARRI 2008, Dallas, USA
- WE Heraeus Physics School: Highly charged ions and antiprotons, 2008, Bad Honnef, Germany
- [[Workshop on Cold Antimatter Plasmas and Application to Fundamental Physics (pbar08):http://www.riken.go.jp/ap/conf/pbar08/]], 2008. Naha, Japan
- [[Workshop On Non-neutral Plasmas 2008:http://www.apam.columbia.edu/NNP08/]], New York, USA
- ICPEAC 2007, Heidelberg, Germany
- Workshop On Non-neutral Plasmas 2006, Aarhus, Denmark
- International Workshop: Exotic hadronic atoms, deeply bound kaonic nuclear states and antihydrogen: present results, future challenges, 2006, Trento, Italy
- ICPEAC 2005, Rosario, Argentina
- LEAP 2005, Bonn, Germany
- Workshop on Physics with Ultra Slow Antiproton Beam, 2005, Wako, Japan
- [[EXA 2005:http://wwwt.oeaw.ac.at/smi/exa05/index.htm]], Wien, Austria
- [[LEAP 2003:http://ad3-proj-leap03.web.cern.ch/ad3-proj-leap03/index.html]], Yokohama, Japan
- pbar01, 2001, Aarhus, Denmark
- Workshop On Non-neutral Plasmas 2001, San Diego, USA
- ICPEAC 2001, Santa Fe, USA
- Workshop On Non-neutral Plasmas 1999, Princeton, USA
- [[pbar99:http://radphys4.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/pbar99/]], 1999, Yokohama, Japan
- ...

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