Workshop on Cold Antimatter and High Precision Physics (Pbar11)
November 28--30, 2011, Matsue, Japan
Nov., 2010
ASACUSA-MUSASHI makes progress towards antihydrogen beams (Press release from CERN),
Progress toward an Antihydrogen beam (Physics synopses)
Also see Our Antihydrogen programme and a novel trap system:Cusp trap
May, 2008
Press release (in Japanese) "Control of antiproton cloud"
Jan, 2008
ASACUSA moves towards new antihydrogen experiments(CERN courier)
Left : Counts from antihydrogen atoms at around t = 0 when we mixed antiprotons with positrons,
Right : a case of without positrons
Setup of CUSP trap experiment with MUSASHI and Compact positron trap.
center memorialofpbartrapincusp.png right,around
Workshop on Cold Antimatter Plasmas and Application to Fundamental Physics (Pbar08)
February 20-22,2008, Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Nov, 2007
Three millions of antiprotons trapped in the Cusp trap.
Nov, 2007
First antiproton trap in the Cusp trap.
Oct, 2007
New record! ASACUSA MUSASHI trap confined and cooled ca. 10,800,000 (10E7) antiprotons.
Jan, 2005
Most antiprotons ever accmulated, reported in Physical Review Focus particularly in The Most Antimatter.
July 28th, 2004
The Start of Ultra Slow Antiproton Science: Successful Extraction of a Large Number of Ultra Slow Antiprotons! reported in Physical Review Focus particularly in The Most Antimatter.

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